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A Loving Relationship Coach who will treat your ho

38, Relationship Coach & Mentor

* About Me *

I am a friendly, self-funded, trustworthy, well-groomed and house-trained woman with a lot of house sitting experience (over four years full-time), who is looking to provide you with the confidence and peace of mind that your furry family members are in safe, loving hands while you're away from home.

I am a relationship coach and mentor and I run my business online, so as long as I have a decent internet connection, I can work from anywhere, and one of my favourite places is a comfy sofa with a furry friend or two cuddled up next to me!

I love all animals, and I bring a deep love of them to my house sitting assignments. I am responsible, clean (in fact one of my previous house sitting jobs actually commented that I left the house cleaner than when I found it!), professional, non-smoker, respectful and would always look after someone else's house and pets in the way I would want someone to look after my own if the situation were reversed.

As I run my business from 'home', I spend a lot of time at home, providing great company for the animals of the house, and great company for me while I'm working, in fact, you can see in some of my pictures that it's not unusual for me to have a furry friend cuddled up with me while I'm working on my laptop!

As I love animals and exploring new places around the world, this is a perfect way for me to enjoy both! My French is basic to intermediate (while a little out of practice, and I'd love the opportunity to put it into practice again!) and I'm learning Spanish.

The best way to get a good sense of me is to arrange a Skype or FaceTime call where we can chat in person so you can find out more!

(FYI I used to sit with my former partner as a couple, so some of the references are for Paul or Paul and Claire - that's why! :) )

* Why I want to house sit *

I decided to house-sit as my ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection and a power outlet has meant that I'm now free to indulge my desire to travel and experience different cultures while still enjoying somewhere that feels like 'home' and also somewhere where I can still spend time with pets and animals too.

I have really enjoyed the house sitting assignments that I've done to date, making friends with pets in different countries (and the neighbours too!) and I'm very honoured every time someone chooses to entrust us with their home and furry family members.

* My Experience *

With over four years of experience, I have taken on a number of house sitting assignments across the globe. Some of the countries I've visited so far while housesitting have been the UK, Costa Rica, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland and the USA. I've cared for dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, horses, a snake and parrots, and homes ranging from small houses in the south of England to a 5 star luxury villa in Brazil that slept 18 people, properties with guest accommodation in Costa Rica and a bed and breakfast with guests in Glastonbury.

Just a few statistics on my experience to date:
- Total sits: 32
- Total pets: 88 (not including repeats)
- Different types of animal: 8
- Total days: 1,162
- Countries: 8
- Total miles: 53,705
- Dogs: 22
- Cats: 18
- Chickens: 24
- Ducks: 11
- Parrots (one one-winged!): 4
- Snakes: 1
- Horses: 2
- Fish Tanks: 2

I love going for walks and love having a dog (or dogs!) to accompany me on my time outside. I'm adaptable, flexible, and happy to look after and maintain the properties I'm entrusted with to the level at which the owner requests. I've dealt with animals with eating problems, vet visits and a plethora of medications all with no issue. And if the sit involves an animal I've not taken care of before as long as I'm provided detailed information on how to look after them, I enjoy learning how to take care of new types of pets.

As a relationship coach, my speciality is understanding what's most important to other people and ensuring that their needs are met as a priority and I bring that approach to my housesitting assignments.

I'm happy to do basic pool maintenance, gardening and chores around the property to keep everything beautiful for you and make sure you have a welcome return to your home, feeling like you've never been away. I've never had any complaints and have been told that I often leave properties cleaner than when I arrived.

I love to connect with home owners who are considering us for assignments via Skype or FaceTime in order that they can ask me anything that they want to know, convey to me what's most important to them in house sitters and feel confident that if they choose me that they can have complete peace of mind while they're away from home.

Just some of the experience I have from my housesitting assignments includes:

- Animal medication
- Special diets for pets
- Experience with pets who struggle eating
- Vet visits
- Experience with a wide variety of animals including dogs, cats, poultry (ducks and chickens), parrots, snakes and horses
- Managing hurricane-proofing a property, evacuation and managing clean-up/repair on return
- Experience learning the care of new animals/breeds
- Basic house maintenance
- Basic garden maintenance (with direction)
- Hand-held and ride-on lawn mowers
- Basic swimming pool and hot tub maintenance
- Tending to fruit and vegetable patches
- Handover to other housesitters/family members
- Looking after guests / guest accommodation
- Production of welcome baskets for guests (including homemade banana bread!)
- Production of 'house sitting manual' for homeowners to provide clear instruction for future sitters
- Managing spa area and treatments for guests
- Managing onsite activities for guests, e.g. liaising with yoga instructor for regular classes and therapists for treatments
- Managing staff - housekeeper and groundskeeper
- Managing car repairs being completed
- Technology troubleshooting, management and maintenance
- And lots and lots of love for my animal friends! :)

* References / Testimonials *

Lucy - 13 January 2015

I was really nervous about using house sitters but Claire proved reliable, friendly and my cat adored her. I would recommend her to all my friends. I could relax whilst away knowing my house was safe and the cat was looked after and loved. On our return she had cleaned the house and done a food shop so all was ready for our arrival. I will be calling her again when we are away next.

Organised ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Reliable ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Self-sufficient ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tidy ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Pet care ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Julie - 12 May 2014

Claire is an extremely responsible person who cared for my house like she cared for her own. In fact, I think it was cleaner when she left than when I left! I have a Golden Retriever and 2 cats and I had the opportunity to be with them all before I left. I could tell that she loved animals immediately by how my animals reacted to her. My aloof cat plopped right in Claire's lap! She was available for me to check in with when I wanted, which was awesome! I had no worries leaving my home or my animals with her and was very pleased with the entire experience.

Organised ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Reliable ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Self-sufficient ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tidy ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Pet care ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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