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A Sitter with culture

41, Anthropologist/ Historian


Hi, I am copy pasting bits of my profile that's on the woofing uk website because although house sitting doesn't require as many hours of work, the kinds of experience required in some places, such as farms and campsites might be similar. This profile best describes my skills and interests.
I am mostly interested in long term positions but do consider short terms ones to the purpose of vacation and travelling.

About me. I am an anthropologist and historian currently involved in two doctoral dissertations on shamanism in matriarchal societies which are requiring now less and less of time as they are going through revision process. I signed up to woofing and house sitting because I wish to explore these beautiful Isles now that I have the time to before I get into a full time job which will prevent it. The areas I am most interested in are Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Wales, Scotland and Ireland because they connect to my research, but I am open to anywhere in the UK, particularly the South West. (...)

While I would not consider myself an Italian, neither by heritage nor by culture, my first language is Italian and I have Italian citizenship. My heritage is German- Irish and mixed North Spain (Catalonia)/Greek but I would consider myself West Papuan by culture, given I have spent in Papua a great part of my life. I am a EU settled citizen in the UK, currently enjoying the South West. I speak English, French, Italian, Spanish and some Chinese. I love animals, more than humans (by far :-) and have lived half of my life in the wild in the Oceanian rainforests. The other half of my life, I spent mostly in researching different aboriginal cultures and ways of living, studying, getting too many degrees & diplomas in lots of things I am interested in,, spending time with the earth and the animals. I have a diploma from the EU as environmental keeper and sea worker. I would like to be involved in wildlife repopulation and permaculture at some point in my life. I am an alternative dog-trainer (dog-listener, Jan Fennel's method) and we used to have horses so enough experience to look after horses too, cleaning them, saddling and exercising them, cleaning their fields and stables etc. I absolutely adore horse riding and I need to do it often for my back to keep healthy, particularly if I can't swim, which in the summer I do every day. After falling from a horse however, many years ago, I do go beyond trotting. I do have some back problems so I can't do very heavy works, but can do average and everything concerning horses, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, pigs, hens, ducks is fine. I also love planting trees and gardening.

Horses, goats, lambs, pigs and cats are my favourite semi-domestic animals. I also have some experience with sheep, they have their own sense of humour. In terms of my dog-training technique, if that's something you might need, I use a mixture of my own skills acquired throughout my life and the dog-listener method developed by Jan Fennel, who codified wolf language to learn how to train dogs through non-invasive approaches which respect the fact an animal is an animal, not a puppet, and which help even the most traumatised and aggressive dogs to live in harmony with humans and let go of controlling mechanism which are the response to unresolved trauma and can cause aggressive behaviours towards humans. I have saved some dogs that were going to be put down for aggressive behaviours, one of them became the family dog for years until she died two years ago.

Until recently, since last winter to the late spring, I have been self-teaching myself horse whispering too. I have had cats and dogs for half of my life and I used to have horses when I was younger. I have had rabbits and guinea pigs too as a child.

As far as experience with farm animals, I have enough to handle sheep, goats, ducks and hens and a little experience with cows too. I've been around them a lot as we used to have a field of them though not as near to the house so I didn't visit them as often as the other animals. I would love to learn to milk goats and cows but I have only done it twice so I can't say I have enough experience to do it alone yet. I believe it's important to work with animals in ways that do not hurt them and that are fully respectful of their lives.
As far as experience with gardening, I have had wonderful teacher, who has taught me quite a few things about plants in the past decade. I own some land myself and have lived off the grid so I know how to make vegetables and flowers grow.

Kindest regards,


Reviews (1)
Emma kindly stepped into the breech when the house sitter we had originally booked had had to cancel with just 4 days notice. Emma was calm and level. We all liked her right away upon meeting her in person. We came home to very contented pets and to a clean home. Emma has even made us a moussaka! Highly recommend Emma and we hope she comes back to us again.
EMMA (Tunbridge Wells England, Oct 2020 - 1 week)
Emma and her family are really lovely, and hospitable people. I enjoyed taking care of Iris and Nutmeg, the hamsters and guinea pigs. It is always my instinct to to free animals who live in cages because of the culture I was risen in but unfortunately it was not possible, so I developed with them a ... MORE
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