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Tom and Jerry

24, Painter and Tattoo Artist

31, Art Director

Hello! This is Damla and Fatih. We are a wonderful hardworking couple who love to travel and open to new cultures. We also would like to remind you that we are very creative and productive people. We are currently moving to the UK with a businessperson visa and We will spend the rest of our lives in England from now on. We are planning to be a housesitter for a while to get to know British culture and make a friendly and warm start to England. We love animals very much and consider them as our friends. You can be sure that we will do our best so that they d o not call you in their care. Especially in this regard, we are conscientious people. It may be difficult for you to leave your home and living space to people you do not know. We understand this very well and you can be sure that we will approach your home sensitively with this emphatic awareness. We assure you that when you return from your trip, you will find your home exactly as you left it.

Being a housesitter is also very suitable for our lifestyle and allows us to step out of our comfort zone. That's why we believe so much that we can love and protect your home and your animal friends. We are also experienced in plant care. Fatih is planing to be very active in the security of the house because his business plan completely online. So You won't have to worry about the safety of your home and your pets. pets. Also because of we love to travel and explore our surroundings, we are be very pleased to walk and play with our animal friends and take them to the sea. If you have dogs, we'll get them to do lots of walking and exercise including chasing sticks and balls, catching a frisbee, and swimming if a river or sea is nearby. If you have cats, we cuddle them or give them the space. If you have chickens, we happily collect their eggs every day and clean the coops regularly.

While we living in Istanbul, we took care of a lot of animals including at the street ones. We are also open to different animals than birds, cats and dogs, and we can easily adapt. So everything will be fine after you return. We believe that you are gonna love our positive energy and motivation. Please feel free to ask any questions or have any conversations.


Because of our online business plan we are gonna need well internet connections. We would like to recieve tidy and well-looked home and deliver-up in same way to you after you arrive. As housesitters we're always considerate of the fact that we're living in another person's home, taking great care of each house, as well as happily giving all animals in our care an abundance of love and attention. In return, we expect a comparable level of respect and consideration for us as housesitters.

Thank you so much and see you soon!

Garden Maintenance

Green garden!

Make sure the garden and pot plants are thriving when you get back - get a house sitter.

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