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House Sitting Northern Ireland

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If bog-snorkelling is your thing, then you already know about Northern Ireland. Same if you're into Game of Thrones, which has employed more people here, at times, than the civil service. Either way, house sitting in Northern Ireland is your ticket to this fascinating place.

The home of the Giant's ring and the incredible Giant's causeway, Northern Ireland has been the world's largest linen producer and one of the world's greatest shipyards, crafting, among other notable ships, the mighty (and ill-fated) Titanic.

Pet Sitting and House Sitting in Northern Ireland

We are the original Pet Sitting site

We've been doing pet sitting much longer than any of the new "pet" websites—most home owners get house sitters because they want someone to look after their pets i.e. pet sitting. Over more than a decade we have developed many layers of robust security and a surprisingly easy and rewarding user experience.

Better for the pets

Pet sitting means that the sitter is living in the pet's home while the owner is away. The pets get to stay in their own familiar environment, with human company and love—making it the very best option for the pet's health and emotional well-being, in most cases.

Free for owners

It is 100% free for owners join and find pet sitters—and the pet sitters will usually sit for free. Oh, and they provide in-house security and garden maintenance at the same time.


House sitting jobs in Northern Ireland

Yes, there are often wonderful house sitting jobs in Northern Ireland, House Sitters UK is the best way to make that happen. We provide a safe and practical service with friendly support.

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House Sitters UK is the largest and most active UK focussed house sitting site. Our site is like our members - welcoming. We don't lock you out of viewing houses or sitters to try and force you to join up. Click here to find out HOW IT WORKS.

Pet and House Sitting in Northern Ireland

Finding pet sitters and house sitters in Northern Ireland

Discover lovely pet, dog and house sitters in Northern Ireland willing to look after your house, pets and garden FOR FREE .

  • LOVING in-home care for your pets
  • 5 STAR, ID VERIFIED pet sitters
  • FREE FOR OWNERS to join & place a house Ad
  • FREE pet and house sitting
  • SECURE: In-house messaging
  • HOME & GARDEN: Security and maintenance

House Sitters UK is the largest house sitting site focussed on the UK, providing market leading security, support and service. Join for free and enjoy real peace of mind while you’re away. Click here to find out HOW IT WORKS.

House Sitting in Northern Ireland

Car nuts will love the Abingdon collection, plane nuts will love the Ulster Aviation Society and everyone will love the Titanic Belfast. Northern Ireland is a beautiful land, rich with history and buzzing with life. Every pub feels like home, and every golf course is better than the last.

Whatever aspect inspires you, house sitting in Northern Ireland is the best way to experience this fantastic place. And of course, House Sitters UK is the best place make this happen.

Our site is open and transparent, unlike other house sitting sites that don't let you see anything unless you actually join up. We offer class-leading tools for sitters, which make it really easy to find and manage house sitting opportunities throughout the year.

Home owners register and use the site for free, for life. With a high level of security and an award winning (and friendly) customer support team, it is the home of house sitting in the UK.